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MEMBERSHIP– As stated in our Membership Matters Course at Kingdom Builders we believe people should be recognized as formal members of a church. Membership has benefits and as a member we want to make you aware of what those benefits are.

How to Become a Member:
General Membership at KBMI (based upon the book of Acts) provides members with spiritual covering and access to member services.

You become a member once you:
• Confess Jesus as Lord and Savior
• Receive water baptism in Jesus’s Name
• Receive prayer for the baptism of the Holy Spirit
• Complete and submit a membership application
• Complete Class 101

How to Stay Connected as a Member:
In order for you to receive access to all of our member services:
• Complete the General Membership requirements (steps 1-4 above)
• Complete Class 101 (Contact KBMI at 773-237-2660 for available options)
Ways to Keep Your Gifts Active:

If you would like to learn how your gift can be used in the ministry, please contact Member Care Services at 773-237-2660.

How to Stay an Active Member:
• Attend 1 or more services weekly
• Consistently give tithes and offerings
• Be committed to the mission and vision of KBMI
• Participate in KBMI activities

Members will receive these services under a different agreement than non-members

  • Weddings
  • Homegoings
  • Baptism for immediate family members
  • Baby Blessing
  • Business Blessing
  • Spiritual Counseling


Will receive same benefits as membership if at physical location as well as:

  • Exclusive eMember updates
  • Connect with KBMI eMembers
  • Weekly inspiration through KBMI Streaming Network
  • Fellowship with a group of believers that will encourage and equip you for Life’s journey

We believe that membership has its benefits and privileges and invite you to connect to the vision of KBMI and participate in all that we have to offer.