Membership & Partnership


As stated in our Membership Matters Course at Kingdom Builders we believe people should be recognized as formal members of a church. Membership has benefits and as a member we want to make you aware of what those benefits are.

Members will receive these services under a different agreement then non-members

  • Weddings
  • Homegoings
  • Baptism for immediate family members
  • Baby Blessing
  • Business Blessing
  • Spiritual Counseling


Will receive same benefits as membership if at physical location as well as:

  • Exclusive eMember updates
  • Connect with KBMI eMembers
  • Weekly inspiration through KBMI Streaming Network
  • Fellowship with a group of believers that will encourage and equip you for Life’s journey

Kingdom Partnership

With the help of our Partners, we seek to further God’s kingdom by making a difference in the lives of His people. KBMI is committed to our partners reaching their destiny with our anointed prayer, teachings, products, and partner community. We pour into the lives of our partners the love and revelation of God through Jesus Christ. We will take the Word of God to the world to bring change and transformation.

Your choice to connect changes everything. Join Pastors Vincent and Tiheta Hinton in spreading the Gospel of Grace to those in need. By signing up today, you will also receive exclusive access to the Partnership Facebook Page.

Donate $100 more and you will be considered a Kingdom Builder Partner.

Your partnership will add additional support to help us further our outreach and help undergird the works of this ministry

Benefits of Being A Partner:

  • Exclusive Partner Newsletter
  • Care Calls and Partner Updates
  • KBMI Partner FB Page with special content just for you
  • Pray daily for God’s blessings to be upon you
  • Study the Word and diligently seek God on your behalf
  • Periodically offer special gifts for your spiritual edification and growth
  • All Membership Benefits and Church Services 


Call (773) 870-5558 and give over the phone


Send your gift to:

Kingdom Builder Ministries International
5835 W. North Ave Chicago, IL 60639

Partnership Form